Ariving to the shelter on time today thanks to a local garage door repair company!

Arriving on time to the shelter every morning is very important. Having the shelties eat at the same time every day is great for this

  • Sleep cycle
  • Digestive system
  • Heart health
I know how much of a different day this was going to be if I didn’t get in on time. What slowed me down? Guess.
Got it?
Wrong. My car was locked in my garage because my garage door had broken. I called a local garage door repair company and they rushed right out and took care of getting me to the shelter just as we opened. Click here to view their website.

We spray for fleas constantly and we have to give our donating pest control company thier credit!

What else would you expect from a dog shelter? We have to maintain a prevention of pests in the shelter. We always have our property sprayed regularly by a local pest control company. This is just a maintenance with our company but it’s also to inform you that your shetland sheep dog will never have any problems with fleas.

All of this thank to none other than They are the best around when it come to helping us keep fleas away! We have used them for a very long time and greatly appreciate their help. Much respect for the pest pro’s!

Owning Shelties comes with its perks and it’s faults, which mostly come out of our carpets!

Although the shetland sheepdog make incredible pets and family members they’re not perfect. Just like all animals accidents happen. When they happen it’s smart to be prepared. I always have a cheap professional carpet cleaning business that can clean up shelties accidents quickly.

I would highly recommend before adopting your first dog to look up way to prepare for what you’re getting yourself into. Simply knowing what to buy before you adopt is a great place to start. Figuring out what your dogs purpose will be in your life is just as important but will not come until much later.

We’re back thanks to new sponsors!

Because of the support of the community and many businesses we have been able to relaunch Apple Acres Shelties. With that being said we will be giving shout-outs and features to many of the sponsors on our website. The great thing these sponsors will allow us to do are:

  1. Allow us to make more homes for abandoned shelties
  2. Being able to train shelties at a much larger level
  3. Find more indebth ways to help families with their shlties

All of this will be fantastic for the people who surround us. Please check out our facebook page for more information. If you’re interested in helping out pups and kitties alike but not wanting to home one then, you can donate here.

Looking for a shetland sheepdog?

Shetland sheepdogs are fantastic pets and work dogs. At Apples Acres Shelties we do our very best to match shelties with great homes to go to. Right away if you’re considering adopting one of our puppies then please go ahead and contact us for more information. We’d love to hear from you and

schedule an appointment for you to come see the puppies.

One thing is for sure that if you adopt a dog from us you can expect.

  • A conveniently-sized companion
  • A soft feathered coat
  • Peaceful with strangers and other animals
  • Quick learners

I have enjoyed the company of many shetland sheepdogs through my years and I know that they are the type of dog I want around my family and children. Seems like they are the most trustworthy pup bread I’ve had the opportunity to train. That is why I am so dedicated to protecting them.

We all love being around dogs and this is your opportunity to reach out to us and set an appointment to be surrounded by shetland puppies. Go ahead and check out more pictures then contact us and set your appointment!

Apple Acre’s New Website!

We are so excited to announce the launch of our new website! If you’re looking for Shetland Sheepdogs then this is the place to stop. Whenever you’re in need of loving from the most wonderful dogs in the world then come by and visit us! We will gladly introduce you to our many puppies.